Stainless Steel Pipe-Encyclopedia

304 and 316L stainless steel materials are the only health materials that can be implanted into human body, so for water supply pipes, stainless steel pipes are the most beneficial to health. In the immersion water test, all the indicators meet the requirements of the relevant national drinking water standards. Stainless steel pipeline has smooth inner wall, no fouling, no bacterial contamination, anti-bacterial, anti-seismic, anti-tension, high pressure and high temperature resistance, no need to worry about water quality, and can prevent secondary pollution of water.Thin wall stainless steel water supply pipe is recognized as one of the best pipes with comprehensive properties

Stainless Steel Pipe-Encyclopedia

Wide application of stainless steel pipe

304, 316 L thin-walled stainless steel water pipes and pipe fittings series products are widely used in star hotels, medical and health, fire protection, housing, water, food, beverage, schools, airports, subways, high-speed rail, industry, education, ships, industrial desalination projects, drinking water, direct drinking water, cold and hot water, gas and other system fields of large and medium-sized construction projects, and the product sales network has been widely spread It has been exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and has established partnerships with many enterprises around the world, with a very broad prospect.

Wide application of stainless steel pipe

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Jizhu group mainly produces 304316l thin-wall stainless steel water pipes and pipe fittings series products, with specification and caliber of dn15-dn500 and wall thickness of 0.8mm-12 mm. The pipe fittings are single compression type, European standard single compression type, double compression type, European standard double compression type, groove type, ring compression type, socket type, lock expansion type, flat welding type, groove compression type, socket compression type, compensator, flange, pipe clamp, Valves and so on.
The ultimate goal of the company is to satisfy customers with one-stop procurement of thin-walled stainless steel water pipes and series of products, so that customers can use real automatic energy-saving products, reduce energy consumption and labor costs, and maximize the interests of customers. To provide customers with the best quality products and services, and make unremitting efforts for the cause of human health.







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